– C    O    V    E    R    S          F    O    R         H    I    R    E –

I create the covers for all my work and began with Mad Gods, which went through a few changes:

before I made this:mgTMB
I also added chapter art for Mad Gods:
Something I intend on doing for all my work.


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Other indie authors asked me to make covers for their work. Including Fantasy:

fantasyTHMBand Horror:


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The variety of work includes Thrillers:

thrillerTHMBand Speculative:






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This also included P.O.D, Print On Demand. 


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For indie authors on a tight budget:

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The covers I’ve created make the books they were made for stand out on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N nook, iTunes & Kobo.
I’m still open to new projects and depending on the complexity of design and concept of the cover I charge $30-$300 for an ebook or P.O.D cover.
I always work closely with authors to get what they want in either P.O.D, ebook or both.