–  M     A     D            G     O     D     S  –


Kosta Paleologos is  a descendant of Byzantine emperors: a man with a dark past who lives life on the run: wanted dead or alive by Satanists, Dark Nobility and the Catholic Church. Every year he returns to Istanbul to send trapped souls to their deserved rest. The final soul in this solemn task sends him on a quest to the mythic, ancient Library of Alexandria.

There he finds the Idammah-Gan Codex, a unique book which convinces him to abduct a child destined to enslave the world and raise him as his own.  Prophesy and free will collide when the child must finally choose his own path or the fate set out in Revelation.


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The son of Satan is back for a return visit, and everyone is after him except for the SNL Church Lady. But then she could have been working undercover for the Vatican.
The author ties the usual suspects, the Vatican, Illumaniti, Templars and Luciferians into the plot to find young Satan. Through the protagonist Kosta, the book brings the past to life describing the conspiracies for power and control surrounding all these groups.  So is Adam, Satan reincarnate, evil? Is this book fiction?
I gave it 5 Stars because I was totally enthralled. I have read many books on the Templars, the Vatican and the Illumaniti, and this is one of the best. Period. Also, I thought that adding George H.W. as the Illuminati was a nice touch.
——————————————————— Elliot Malach

Athanasios weaves a great sense of historical reality within a tense quick rambling story close enough to reality to be chilling.
Predatory Ethics exists in a world of interwoven conspiracy and frighteningly possible interventions perpetrated by the rich and powerful forces controlling the world from behind the scenes and from underneath the altars of the enduring religious forces which insert themselves in the workings of mankinds dealings, controlling government and world economies like flicking a switch. From beginning to end Predatory Ethics engages and entertains any reader lucky enough to open it up.
——————————————————— Vincent R. Colucci

Mad Gods is an exceptional alternate history novel, with elements of historic fiction, supernatural, and religious conspiracy.
Fans of religious arcana and conspiracy will enjoy this novel. Author Athanasios provides lush descriptions of the locations we visit, at times evoking the style of Gustave Flaubert’s “Salammbô” with the details–especially in flashback sequences to the Ancient Near East and pre-Roman France. The later half of the novel also raises questions about the duality of nature, good and evil. Throughout it all, the novel builds momentum and becomes quite a page-turner.
——————————————————— T.M. Pruitt

This book is best read in multiple sittings. There is so much here that not taking the time to digest the characters and plot leaves the reader shortchanged. As writer myself, I was deeply taken by the religious darkness and shadow-ridden cultures of the past and present. My descent into some of the deepening plot points was methodical and just predicable enough to keep the tension and questions high. The book also addresses questions that our culture refuses to ask. Like is religion a cultural man-made phenomena?
Intricate stories like this one require an above average IQ to truly enjoy. The concepts like preordained destiny require some level of philosophical introspection on the part of the reader. However, if you fit that demographic, I recommend this book. It will take you out of your own world and into another…I promise.
——————————————————— J.A. Leary